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Show: Dirty Projectors

Location: Lincoln Hall

Date: 6.13.13

Favorite Song: Choosing a favorite song is like having your parents split up + then having to decide who you want to live with (or so I assume). Both David Longstreth + Amber Coffman are ridiculous vocalists + I honestly don't think I could pick one song over the other because I liked when they led equally. I guess if I had to choose one from each I'd go with "About to Die" + "The Socialites".

Memorable Moment: "Beautiful Mother" was one of the most amazing live experiences I've ever seen in my life. I have no idea how Coffman managed to perform that song without passing out. It really was unreal + the fact that she could pull those tricks three different times was amazing.

Biggest Letdown: About halfway through the show my body just decided to hate me + I felt absolutely awful. I talked myself into staying for the entire show but I just wish I could have have fully enjoyed the whole experience.

This Show: was very musical. I realize that is a strange comment to make since all concerts produce music, but sometimes instruments just blow my mind. I think I sometimes lose this a bit with all of the electronic shows I go to. Dirty Projectors really was quite the well oiled machine though. It feels like there are a lot of random bursts of sounds + starts + stops, but they timed everything perfectly.

photo via Lincoln Hall

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