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Show: Mount Kimbie
Holy Other

Location: Lincoln Hall

Date: 6.8.13

Favorite Song: "Maybes" is one of their older songs, but I never really took notice of it until this show. "Blood + Form" is also a very cool song to hear live. You really felt that pounding.

Memorable Moment: Aside from the (occasional) puppy slideshow that set the backdrop to the Mount Kimbie performance, I was really happy to have gotten a tip from a friend to check out the opener, Holy Other. It seems appropriate because I actually first heard of Mount Kimbie when they opened for Squarepusher in 2012 + ended up liking them more than the main act. While I wouldn't quite go as far as saying I liked Holy Other more than Mount Kimbie, I was very much impressed. I'll definitely check out much more from him. Nothing like a little music discovery to top off a good night.

Biggest Letdown: I don't have too many complaints. Some cords came unplugged a time or two + the show was a little later than I was hoping (rough week), but overall, very impressed.

This Show: was felt just as much as it was heard. The moment they started playing I remembered exactly why I wanted to see them live again. As cliché as I feel saying it, that bass was insane. It definitely added energy to the room + the additional third member definitely helped with that as well.

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