i was there || boiler room chicago

Show: Boiler Room Chicago
Todd Edwards
Nico Jaar
Jacques Greene

Location: Lacuna Artist Lofts

Date: 7.20.13

Favorite Song: Unfortunately I had to hear this song while waiting in line to use the rest room, but "The Thing" by Atumpan mix from Todd Edwards is so great. It stood out in his Essential Mix but is even more fun live. I challenge you to keep still when listening to it in a party atmosphere. That's the stuff I just love. Honorable mention goes to "Mi Mujer" from Nico Jaar.

Memorable Moment: Walking in right as "Face to Face" started was pretty memorable + all around perfect. Todd Edwards' set was very similar to his Essential Mix (+ a bit more Disclosure) + was absolutely perfect for that environment. It was my favorite from the night.

Biggest Letdown: Lines upon lines upon lines. I wish they weren't offering free beer because I think that might have kept away they people that weren't there for the music. The AC was also broken, but it wasn't horrible + I think it added to the vibe.

This Show: was a party as opposed to just a show. It really felt like hundreds of my closest friends were just dancing + having a blast together. I wish Chicago had more events like that. Often times people on Boiler Room just stand around awkwardly. I hope Chicago left its mark that we can party.

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