i was there || justin timberlake + jay z

Show: Legends of the Summer Tour with Justin Timberlake + Jay Z

Location: Soldier Field

Date: 7.22.13

Favorite Song: "I'm A Hustler Baby" + "Senorita" were two of my favorites that I got to hear right off the bat so that made for a good start to the show. Others worth mentioning: "Cry Me A River" + "Magna Carter."

Memorable Moment: I was basically sitting at the 20 yard line of Soldier Field to watch two phenomenal performers on stage together. I liked the B2B performance + I'd never really seen a show like that other than DJ sets. (Real question: Is it still called B2B for non-producers?)

Biggest Letdown: Soldier Field is not a great place to see concerts even when you're sitting right on the field. I don't typically like stadium concerts + I know a lot of people tend to hate the theatrics, but I actually was hoping for a bit more at this show. I think something could have been done to engage the fans in the way back a bit more.

This Show: made me feel slightly guilty at first. I like JT + Jay Z a lot, but the seats were so great that before the show started I felt like a bigger fan probably deserved to be in my shoes instead. I hadn't listened much to their new albums yet + I didn't want to be the jerk sitting near the front that didn't know any of the songs. That feeling quickly surpassed though + I'd say there were only about 2 or so songs I was unfamiliar with. This was a crowd pleasing concert + they played just about all of the old hits. Or maybe these two are just so great that all of their songs are inevitably memorable.

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