version seven

I don't know how many different bedroom designs I've been through at this point, but I've finally settled on one. I think. Thankfully I haven't been able to afford to make any actual changes so I haven't wasted any money yet. This version isn't too different from the last two that I posted so I doubt I'll regret my decision when I finally start executing.
...Except I already have started executing. I ordered new sheets, a new duvet cover + a new down comforter + so far no regrets. Towards the end of the summer I'm going to bite the bullet + order the furniture. I've mentioned it before but my closet space sucks + I'm going to be needing some more space soon. It's the biggest investment but it'll make the biggest impact so I guess that's cool.
The next major piece is going to be a rug. This has been the hardest decision for me so far but I'm definitely leaning towards an over-dyed traditional rug like the ones below, I'm just not sure on the color.
1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Then comes the other finishing touches like artwork + other little knick knacks. Eventually I might want to replace my teeny tiny TV, but I also kind of hate having a TV in my bedroom. $100 bucks says I lose that argument with my boyfriend though.

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