i was there || bonobo

Show: Bonobo

Location: Metro

Date: 9.19.14

Memorable Moment: There were some pretty good dancers out this night. My favorite was this tall lanky boy that had some serious moves. I was totally caught off guard when my friend went to grab drinks + he asked me to dance with him. It was very flattering but also a little intimidating.

Biggest Letdown: Falty DL wasn't able to make it to this show but alas, I caught the tail end of his set at Decibel Festival so all was not lost.

This Show: Was definitely not a s pretty as his live shows but it sure was fun. He played a good mix of his own songs as well as mixes to other songs. The crowd was definitely into it + I will continue to see him regardless of whether or not it is a live show or DJ set.

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