i was there || north coast music festival

Show: North Coast Music Festival
Chet Faker
Washed Out
Talib Kweli
Future Islands
Little Dragon
Cashmere Cat
Adventure Club

Location: Union Park

Date: 8.29.14 - 8.30.14

Favorite Song: I know I just finished off a night of Chet Faker but being front row (literally) for his set was too good. I enjoyed this one last night too but hearing "Gold" live just made me think of the babes from his music video + that pleased me. I also am pretty sure I was one of the few people in the crowd that could sing all his lyrics word-for-word so that made me feel proud too.

Memorable Moment: The front gate staff was incredibly complimentary to me. On two occasions I got props on my outfit so that really started the festival off to a good start. Chet Faker was of course the highlight again. I saw him pour a water bottle over his hot body + also was close enough to learn that Sam, on the drums, is a total babe too. The guitarist isn't that bad either (although a little dorkier but that is okay).

Biggest Letdown: There are many things that I could list as disappointing (I'm looking at you you little 15 year old perv that grabbed my ass) but I will focus on what I went there to see. First of all, Washed Out you are not going to get the "party started" at North Coast no matter how hard you try. I am glad you are on the lineup + you guys sounded just fine, but no. Secondly, I just didn't feel like I got all that I was hoping for from Future Islands. I think their song choices were odd + I think they kind of hated the crowd they were playing to. "Standing By the Sea" was a pleasure to hear though.

This Show: Becomes less my scene year after year but that being said there are the few Easter eggs in the lineup worth checking out. On Friday I tweeted "I'm here for the live instruments + bearded men" - no one ever (except me) + I think there is a lot of truth to that statement. Regardless of the festival though you get a lot of people that go to these things just to go + could really care less whether the music was good or not. They just know their friends like it so they should too. I have been there too, but I have grown + I have learned + I am proud of myself for that. This year I was willing to brave their awful crowd to check a few more people off my list.

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