slow + steady

2+ years ago when I moved into my current apartment I wasn't very happy with things (aside from finally living alone again). I finally had this huge space to myself but it felt so empty + unfinished despite my grand plans. The reality is that furnishing an apartment + turning it into a home takes time. This is something that 25 year old me should have expected but I wanted so badly for my apartment to be "done".
Grace from Design*Sponge tackles this topic in a post from last month + it struck a chord with me. She talks about the balance of wanting unique, handmade items but also wanting them at low-cost prices which often isn't possible. Grace found that taking your time at filling your home is actually a good thing. It requires you to make decisions on long-term happiness instead of short-term gratification. In the end you usually end up saving money + you have pieces that you really love, not just fillers.
Fast forward two years + things are looking pretty good. There are still a few key pieces I would like to buy but I have come to a point where I have realized that I can wait. It isn't worth putting myself into credit card debt over "wants" vs "needs". I have made a few big purchases (my bedroom furniture, living room rug, floor length mirror) + I am so happy with all of them. Something I'm not really happy with? My sectional sofa. That was something I bought out of necessity at a time when I didn't have much money. It is comfy + does the job though. A new one can come later.
I like to think that a lot of these pieces will transfer well when I finally move into a nicer place too which makes me feel good about my decisions + on waiting.

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