i was there || chet faker

Show: Chet Faker

Location: Concord Music Hall

Date: 8.28.14

Favorite Song: I have used Shazam very few times in my life to figure out which song was playing but when "Cigarettes + Chocolate" came on the speakers when I was at a bar in San Francisco I had to know what it was. It was so unique + interesting + just sounded like me (as weird as that sounds). Hearing it live was just as perfect. It is a song that makes you feel sexy when you hear it + I would say that is a hard thing to come by. Honorable mention: "I'm Into You". Those eyes. Those thighs...

Memorable Moment: Someone asked me what it is about Chet Faker + although I couldn't really answer this guy just does something for me (+ a whole lot of other people, I'm sure). I was just happy to be reunited in the same room with this babe + his beard + his fun bun.

Biggest Letdown: The music snob in me was bummed to be sharing a room with so many non fans. I chatted with a few people who gave the "I don't really know his music. I just know that song he did with Flume. Figured I would check it out." response. Wasted space. Leave me to be alone with him for a private concert if you don't care.

This Show: Honestly as lame as it sounds it made me feel sexy. It did last time too. And for that I will continue to see him every time he plays in Chicago.

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