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I don't typically make new years resolutions. Last year I made a few resolutions but failed pretty miserably at most. The only one I seemed to follow through on was "more concerts, less repeats." Shocker. 

The problem with last years resolutions is that they were vague + unachievable. This year more the ever I'm feeling the need to start fresh. But I also want to be realistic about my goals. Here's what I'm striving for this year...

Take More Photographs

I think I unconsciously made this resolution in 2013 but I want to keep it up in 2014. I'll try to only post a select few. I just feel like this is one of those things I'm going to be really happy I did when I'm old + have no memory. A bit morbid, but still a good thing. I also want to do a better job of printing out the good ones. I like the tangible.

Pay Off My Credit Card

I'm so close guys. I'm going to be so proud of myself when I reach this point. When that day comes I'll write a super personal post about it + show you the ridiculous budget trackers + graphs I have from the past two years that helped me get to this point. I'm haven't been great with my money but going to try to change that in 2014. I went on a mini shopping spree with my Santa money but plan to take a bit of a hiatus for the next month or so.

Travel. Alone.

Sometimes I have total loner tendencies. My desire to go on a trip solo just proves that out. I want to do this for a couple reasons -- First, it will require me to step outside of my comfort zone. Something I need to do more of. Secondly, it sounds fun to me + I think I'd actually learn a lot about myself. I guess thirdly it sounds like fun to plan a trip all around my wants. Beach, thrifting, hiking, art museums, concerts, yoga. I can do all the shit I love in a new place.

Reconnect With Five Friends

Again, I kind of got a jump start on this late in 2013 but one of the worst things you can do is lose touch with good people. This happens for various reasons but I have an opportunity to actively do something about it so I'm going to. Five seems like an attainable number.

Listen To Music

No like really listen to it. Clearly I love music but I want to think more about what I'm actually hearing. Which instruments do I hear? What specifically do I like? What specifically do I dislike? I'm doing a really nerdy exercise that I'll share with you guys later, but it's helping me achieve this.

Shop Uncommon

I'd say my apartment is about 90% where I want it to be. Just a few more bigger pieces + then the finishing touches. A lot of my bigger pieces are from store like West Elm + Ikea but I'm really trying to make an effort to make those finishing touches a bit more unique. I've spent a lot of time on Etsy recently trying to find those perfect little things to make my home complete. A big win from 2013 was really defining my style so that makes thing easier.

I have a few more goals that fall a bit more into the vague/unattainable category so I'm not going to count them as official resolutions but those include: establishing healthy habits, learning new things, + volunteering my time to a good cause.

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