Last week I partaked in one of the strangest online shopping experiences of my life. I bought my first Mansur Gavriel mini bucket bag. I assume the hype + excitement of this event might have been similar to the launch of new Jordan's in the 1990's. People went crazy. There were most definitely tears.

I am newer to the Mansur Gavriel brand, but really the brand itself is pretty new. It is the lovechild of Rachel Mansur + Floriana Gavriel. These two met in 2010 at an XX concert (my favorite part of the story) and launched the brand in early 2013. They were very deserving but totally lucked out when Steven Alan gave the two of them his stamp of approval. Ever since their bags have been the hottest item on the market.

They restock their inventory every few months with the last two restocks selling out within the hour. They don't announce the exact time so last Thursday was a constant round of refresh, refresh, refresh for me. I totally lucked out. I refreshed about ten minutes before the email newsletter went out. If you didn't move right away the item you wanted probably sold out. I managed to snag a highly coveted black mini bucket bag with a ballerina interior. It arrived yesterday + it so beautiful. 

Selling out within a matter of minutes when customers have a one item maximum purchase oder is pretty amazing feat but the real craziness occurred on social media. It was a total cluster of happiness for those select few that snagged the bag of their dreams, the many few that had been waiting months to purchase but didn't make it to the site in time, + then of course there were what I like ot refer to as "the shady motherfuckers" who just wanted to make a quick buck. The already pricey handbags were going for almost double their actual price.

That part was sad. Mansur + Gavriel had such a huge day that seeing some of the comments + re-selling had to be a bit of a bummer. People were demanding better processes, more inventory, etc but keep in mind, this brand is TWO YEARS OLD. It is a baby. It is learning. But luckily the designs are getting better. 

The next re-stock is in May. I might try to snag one of their new + less pricey clutches but I've really got my eye on their Fall collection which includes what they are calling the "Lady Bag", It's almost a backpack, but not quite. I'd love something like this to haul my laptop around. I'm not so sure I will get as lucky next time around but for now I am a #happygirlhappybag.

Here's some of the ridiculousness first hand:

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