living room two point oh

I have alluded to this before, but I spend entirely too much time dreaming about my future home decor + how my current pieces are going to fit into the mix. I also already have had a scheme in mind of what I want this living room to look like but now I feel like it's actually starting to take form...take form very very prematurely. 

I already own seven of the items above. Five of which are incorporated into my current apartment, two of which (the rug and pillows) were bought for one day use. It is a bit delusional, I know. Tastes change but I really do feel like when the day finally comes to do a full living room re-haul I will still very much want the same (or similar) look. I still love my current look, it's just a bit dark so I know that I will want something lighter, like this, next. These pieces have legs though. I'm sure most of them will make it to version 3.0 too.

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