i was there || slow magic

Show: Slow Magic
Lindsey Lowend

Location: 1014 Folsom

Date: 2.27.15

Memorable Moment: Noise Pop Festival was conveniently taking place during my time in San Francisco. Most of the good shows were sold out by the time I figured this out but I decided it was a good opportunity to check out another venue beside The Fillmore while I was there. 1014 Folsom is literally one block away from where I was staying + Slow Magic seemed like a show I could enjoy. 

Biggest Letdown: The loser that I am only stayed for one Slow Magic song. I mostly saw Lindsey Lowend who was okay. West Coast time caught up to me + I couldn't bring myself to stay out until 2am (or 4am my time).

This Show: Was a good chance to explore the music seen in another city. I have long confessed my love for SF but now I can really confirm that I would be happy there with their music scene. Like Chicago, most artists travel through San Francisco + I didn't encounter any assholes. The vibe was very my speed.

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