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Show: Caribou

Location: The Fillmore, San Francisco

Date: 3.1.15

Favorite Song: God damn. This is a hard one. There was not a bad song in the set. He played all songs from Our Love + Swim but I think the stands outs for me were "Bowls," "Silver," "Back Home," "Hannibal," + of course "Odessa" did an excellent job getting the dance party started. More than anything, the whole show just flowed so perfectly. Each song was right where it needed to be.

Memorable Moment: I went to this show with an old friend who has great taste in music but wasn't quite familiar with Caribou. A few songs in I just saw that look on her face of "HOLY SHIT" + for some reason that felt so satisfying. I can nerd out for hours on music but when you see someone else that into it it is a beautiful thing. Also, the drummer was pretty good at his job.

Biggest Letdown: I wish I had caught a bit more of Koreless. Actually, I wish Koreless played the after show in a more intimate venue. I would love to see him for real sometime.

This Show: Was easily one of the top three shows I have ever been to + quite possibly the very best. What I love about Caribou is the mixture of both live instruments + electronic sounds + that came together so perfectly live. The show was absolutely entrancing. I knew when those big moments in the song were coming yet I still found myself at the edge of my (hypothetical) seat. The lighting, venue, crowd, everything was perfect. It was so cool to see the show in such a historic venue like The Fillmore. I need to travel for more shows but I'm also really thankful I get to see these guys twice more in Chicago.

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