i was there : lykke li

"Velvet" - Lykke Li

"I Follow Rivers" - Lykke Li

Show: Grimes & Lykke Li

Location: Metro

Date: 5.23.11

Favorite Song: It was such a pleasant surprise to hear Lykke Li cover "Velvet" by The Big Pink & "Silent Shout" by The Knife (another Swedish group). "Velvet" is one of my top songs & Lykke Li did a great job putting her own beautiful spin on it. Following up immediately with "I Follow Rivers" didn't hurt either. "Silent Shout" isn't necessarily my favorite song by The Knife, but I was mostly proud of myself for recognizing it.

Memorable Moment: I love weirdo chicks & Lykke Li is right up there. Plus, she can totally get away with it because he voice is ridic. The stage set-up was very dark & ominous with the occasional crazy light sow, which I thought was cool. I also really enjoyed watching a legit 60 year old hippy guy rocking out to the show. (Think along the lines of this guy, but with a glittery bandanna).

Biggest Letdown: I'm all for dancing at concerts, but occupying a space that could fit 4 grown adults at a sold out show with your ridiculous dance moves is just plain rude. The chick next to me was continually bumping into me despite her ample floor-room. She looked like she was one sip away from over-dosing on Red Bull. Not something I was anticipating at this of all shows.

This Show: Deepened my love for the Swedes. (See here, here, here). I also r


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