my favorite creep

One thing that I have never been able to do is pinpoint my favorite Radiohead song. In fact, I can't even really narrow down the list at all. There are just too many good one's to choose from.

Big question, but what about you? Do you have a 100% favorite Radiohead song? I would probably choose from one of the songs below:

"Talk Show Host"
"Climbing Up the Walls"
"Fake Plastic Trees"
"True Love Waits"

Ps. If you're a Radiohead fan & like the piano, check out Christopher O'Riley. That man can do some beautiful things with his fingers.


1 comment:

  1. #1 Climbing Up The Walls
    #2 Where I End And You Begin
    #3 Street Spirit

    (However, my favorite album for a front to back listen is In Rainbows)