Scan the list of the people I follow on Twitter & you'll find that about 90% fall into the "music minded" category & this is precisely why Twitter has become my social media poison of choice over the years. I love the content that others have to share, especially when it relates to music, bonus points if it's new-to-me music. I can probably credit most of this to Lollapalooza, but music really was in the air the past few weeks. I got some truly amazing music recos from a few people that are deserving of a few extra follows.
"Dark Star" - Polica (via @MarisaVictoria)
"Dsy Chn" - Scuba (via @defilirs)

I can't seem to get enough of Polica & Scuba these days. Unfortunately, I missed both sets at both Lollapalooza & Smart Bar, but I certainly won't let that happen again.

I also want to throw out a very general, but well-deserving "thank you" to all of my Twitter "friends" out there that maybe read my blog, but also to those creators/sharers of content & music. You make my life that much more enriched.


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