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I was really struggling with the direction of my bedroom a couple weeks back, but some magical revelation has occurred & I now (more-or-less) know the route I want to take. I even bit the bullet & bought one of the first major pieces.
Funny thing is, I'm not changing things up all too much from my current set-up. 
Call me boring, but I like my base to be pretty plain & then add a little personality with the finishing touches. I have my heart set on owning a perfect kantha quilt & pull it all together with matching sheets (I'm thinking light stripes). Every kantha quilt is so unique & I'm really dead-set on finding the perfect one, so this process might take longer than I would like.

Here are a few  quilts that I kind of love with my slate duvet:

I have a few other non-linen plans as well, so more on that to come!

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