"Red Moon" - The Walkmen

Last Monday, while in recovery mode from Lollapalooza, my boyfriend & I decided it was finally time to start watching Breaking Bad. I'm just at the start of season 2, but I must say I'm already very much hooked on Jesse & Walt.

I also love this show because it made me feel really great about myself (& not because I've avoided slinging meth). I was watching an episode & heard a song a kind of really loved. There was something familiar to it though. I don't recall ever hearing "Red Moon" by The Walkmen before, but I just knew it had to be The Walkmen. One Google search later & I confirmed I was right.

I really love listening (& I mean really listening) to music, so moments like this make me so happy that I have a special skill set of sorts. And everyone should have something in their lives that makes them feel this way. So whether you're accurately identifying good music or cooking the purest meth out there, I hope every has some personal skill that they're proud of.

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