i was there : lollapalooza (friday)

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
Tame Impala
Passion Pit
Black Keys

Location: Grant Park

Date: 8.3.12

Favorite Song: I've been pretty obsessed with Passion Pit's "Constant Conversations," especially after reading this article from Pitchfork. It's a pretty intense song when you really listen to it, so seeing it live was awesome. I was also thrilled to finally be seeing Metric live. Really, all of the songs from Synthetica were pretty great, but nothing can top "Help! I'm Alive." As for my Perry's choice of the day, I'd have to vote for Madeon's "Pop Culture." That kid is pretty impressive.

Memorable Moment: Nothing quite beats the feeling of walking into Lollapalooza that first day. This festival is massive. If you live in Chicago, there is no way that you're going to avoid this festival one way or the other. There's just so much anticipation going into the weekend, that it's kind of a relief when you actually make it in.

Biggest Letdown: I wish I had gotten their a little bit earlier to see more of Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, because I did love what I saw of the set. I completely missed The Shins, which was definitely a bummer. I've always kind of loved The Shins, but have yet to see them live. I do love M83, but every show I've seen since the first at Lincoln Hall has been a bit of a decline. Again, I think there are many artists that just aren't meant to perform outdoors & in the daylight.

This Show: Day one was filled with really amazing performances, but I couldn't help feeling like I wanted something more. Something new. I probably could make this happen if I planned my schedule for earlier in the day, but unlike say Pitchfork, you just don't get that shiny & new feeling with the artists. Lollapalooza is meant to bring in 100,000 people each day so in all fairness they need to go the popular route. I just think there is going to be a point when Lollapalooza may not be worth it for me anymore.

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