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I am obsessed with artist Matthew Brandt's photographic works of art. I don't fully understand how these pieces are created, but he mixes photography with some very interesting things. His Lakes + Reservoirs series, like the one above, is developed in the actual bodies of water from where the photos are taken.
His Taste Tests series, like this one above, is made from different foods. This one was made with mouth wash + the one at the very bottom was made with Airheads.
Then there are the honeybees. These are casualties of a hive that got destroyed.
Things get really interesting with his portrait work. Portraits are created with different bodily fluids such a blood, breast milk, semen, + vomit. Totally weird + creepy, but in it's own cool way.
 I find Brandt's work to be so cool + I especially gravitate towards his Lakes + Reservoirs series. I'm not alone in these thoughts either. Brandt was recently featured in Elle Decor magazine + was also on Forbes' 2012 list of the top 30 under 30 in art + design.

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