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I think it's been a combination of things that have put me at a quite interesting point in my life where I'm feeling quite good about myself. I'm a little bit older. I feel pretty settled in Chicago. My money concerns are slowly beginning to melt away. And to be honest, I've flushed out some of the people that just didn't quite fit into my life. I feel as though that last bit feels a bit harsh, but that's something that usually ends up happening naturally anyways.

With all of these feelings of self love comes my desire to really spend my time doing the things that are enjoyable to me. So much of my late teens to early twenties was doing the things that as a group my peers would want to do. And that's totally normal. I think by me choosing DePaul + moving to Chicago I really set the wheels in motion to help me break away from that. Of course it didn't happen overnight, but here I am now.

This is probably the lamest thing I'll ever say, but I love my hobbies. I'm rarely ever bored + I really try to fill my life up with interesting things that I love. Music is obviously a big one, but I've also always really loved art + I want to try to embrace that a little bit more.

Ghostly posted a link yesterday for the Sonnenzimmer exhibit at the Public Works gallery which to my surprise is right in my neighborhood, Bucktown, near the Damen blue line stop. The exhibit, from artists Nick Butcher + Nadine Nakanishi, looks pretty intriguing + opens this Friday + runs through June 7th. They have gallery hours too throughout the week, so I'm definitely going to have to peak my head in one of these weekends. Plus, if Ghostly tells you you should do something you probably should...

"Gazing upon their work, one is awash with feelings at once familiar + foreign, as though having wandered into a memory where all speech is in an unknown tongue."

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