i was there || foals

Show: Foals

Location: The Vic

Date: 5.18.13

Favorite Song: I mean "Spanish Sahara" is pretty hard to top live, but Foals sure tried their best with "Red Socks Pugie" which was performed about halfway into their set. They went so hard with it that I thought for sure that I was mistaken + we were already in the encore. Honorable Mention would also have to go to "Milk + Black Spiders."

Memorable Moment: Foals is really really good at songs with big build ups + then they just fucking unleash. Their electric guitarist was quite impressive + I found that the songs I liked the least we're the ones that he had less of a presence in.

Biggest Letdown: Aside from getting there slightly late + being up in the balcony for this pretty high energy show, I'd have to say the lead singer. Philippakis' voice sounded good + all but he did about every cheesy cliché a lead singer can do. I'm talking crowd surfing, very literal hand gestures, + he even kicked over the microphone stand. On purpose. If he had smashed his guitar I think I would have left. Or vomited.

This Show: was fun + high energy. Some of that doesn't always necessarily shine through on their albums, but trust me, it's there.

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