I really wanted to name this post "crop it like it's hot" but seems I can excerise some self control after all.

But guys, I did it. I went + bought myself a crop top (+ from Urban Outfitters no less). I've had some pseudo crop tops in the past, but this is the real thing. Don't let the photo with those high waisted short fool you. I'll have some serious belly button action going on when I wear it + strangely enough, I think I kind of like it. 

I do feel a little too bare when I've tried it on with shorts, so I quickly solved that problem by ordering this skirt below. We'll see whether I like this ensemble or not, but I feel like I needed to share this life shattering moment.

+ what is the deal with UO clothes always looking disgusting on models? I don't think I can ever judge clothing off of this website again because everything seems to look better in real life.

top | skirt

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