i was there || xxxy

Show: XXXY

Location: Lincoln Hall

Date: 5.22.13

Favorite Song: I knew going into this show that I liked XXXY's sound, but quite honestly I wasn't too familiar with many of his songs. There's a line in David Byrne's "How Music Works" that says, "They claim that we listen more closely when we know we only have one chance, one fleeting opportunity to grab something, + as a result our enjoyment is deepened." I certainly felt that way with this show. I listened closely + found some new stuff I loved, including XXXY's awesome mix of Close's "Beam Me Up." 

Memorable Moment: I absolutely loved that Rupert Taylor (XXXY) was singing along to the songs during the set. That made me happy + seemed like something I would do if I was a world famous producer.

Biggest Letdown: That was the most empty I had ever seen Lincoln Hall. It was weird + awkward. The upstairs area wasn't even open.

This Show: had a lot more potential but it was at the wrong venue, on the wrong night, at the wrong time. I'm so glad I saw XXXY + I was certainly impressed with what I saw, but now I'm just dying to see him again in a better setting at a venue like Smart Bar. I think even a festival setting would have been better than that (+ I do love Lincoln Hall). This was also perhaps the first show I purposely left before the headliner. I don't know much about Kastle + I'm sure his set was fine, but I was just interested in XXXY.

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