i was there || classixx

Show: Classixx

Location: Double Door

Date: 3.7.14

Favorite Song: Surprisingly enough the title track did it for me that night. It was the prettiest + also probably the sexiest. So a winning combination. This was a fun show though so all songs were quite good.

Memorable Moment: I love Double Door. It is the most intimate, chill venue in Chicago. The show was sold out but there was plenty of room to move around, dance + refill your drink. I wish more shows I enjoyed were here. Plus it's in the neighborhood, so there's that...

Biggest Letdown: I let myself down. I stupidly grabbed my Shlohmo ticket instead of my Classixx ticket. I never forget my tickets so this bummed me out. Thankfully I was able to pull up my order in they let me in. Felt like an idiot though.

This Show: Was a really good time. This winter has been hard on me. I've been grumpy + I haven't gone out much. Live music can always pull me out of a slump though + this show did just that. Good times, with good people + good music. Nothing gets better than that.

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