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I guess it doesn't have to be this way but realistically, hobbies are going to be more fun if you're good at them. And positive reinforcement always brings on the warm + fuzzies. I've been really flattered recently when it comes to my taste in interior decor + that means a lot to me. I've logged hour after hour on Pinterest + blogs, have stalked sites like West Elm + Etsy, + have invested a decent amount of money I don't really have in my own home over the years. Some would consider this a waste but I call it fun.

I try to share as much of my home + aesthetic on this blog as I can + I like to think that my tastes are somewhat unique. Nothing warms my heart more than when someone compliments me on my pinning or asks me for my advice on their own homes. It one of those things that makes you think that maybe someday you might be able to combine your hobbies with your career. Maybe one day I'll get there. Maybe.

My other favorite? Compliments on my taste in music. Two that stand out are:

"It's like in the movies when the student surpasses the teacher. I feel like you've surpassed me in music knowledge."

So lesson learned? Hobbies are good. Find one or more than you love + stick with them. One day you'll get compliments like this + your self esteem will sky rocket.


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