unexpected problems

Guys. I can't find any clothes I like. Is it me? Am I looking in the wrong places? Why is everything so baggy + awkward fitting? I know this happens to some women when they gain/lose weight but really I've stayed about the same over the past several years.

I think the approach of just going out + browsing isn't really doing much for me so I'm trying to really just focus on the basics now.

My focus recently has been restocking my pants selection. I've basically been wearing one pair of jeans to death + sure enough there is a little hole forming at the crotch. I recently ordered a pair of J Brand Super Skinny jeans in Pitch + surprisingly enough a pair of Novella Royale black Janis Bells. I got a printed pair of these for Halloween + I fell in love with the fit + feel. I'm somewhat self conscious about my bow-leggedness + these totally hide that. I also have an upcoming Denim Lounge outing which I'll probably just pick up another every day pair of skinnies. Last but not least is a new pair or white jeans. The pair I own was super snug when I first bought them two years ago + I'm just waiting for the day they rip open.

I think I've taken for granted that good shoes can go a long way. I've got four styles on my mind currently -- black booties, flats, black sandals, + black or tan wedges. I'm quite the colorful one, right? Most of these are replacements. In Chicago I do a ton of walking so my shoes really get worn in. I don't always do the best job of replacing them either. I'm not totally sold on any of the options above, but this is what I'm generally thinking.

Tops were my specialty. I always seemed to find the ones that made my boobs look perfect. Every girl's dream come true. Something has changed though. Tops just don't fit like they used to. They're often baggy + don't do much to show off the girls. This is still a challenge for me but I did snag a couple of tops from Nasty Gal -- the Slashed Tee in blush + Soft Curve Knit in ivory. I'll keep my eye out for more flattering tops but right now I'm really on the hunt for the perfect basic white + black tank top. I always seem to wear mine to death so I'd love to find a brand I like + just buy them in bulk. Anyone have favorites?

I recently purchased a couple of dresses but dresses really are just about the easiest + most flattering thing to wear in the Spring + Summer so I'm hoping to add a few more. I gave a big f*** you to Winter a few weeks ago and got the Daisy Strap Dress from Urban Outfitters which I love + can't wait to wear. I also have the Wendy Dress from Nasty Gal coming in the mail. I'm not totally sold on this one yet but it was relatively inexpensive so I figure I'll at least give it a try. It will probably be more of a Fall + Winter option though.


So I decided to return a few things since I first drafted this post. They all actually fit just fine but I didn't feel as though I was getting what I wanted out of the money spent. I'm a tough critic. Plus, there is something I really want for my home that is kind of expensive + the only way I can justify buying it is if I return a few things instead. You know you're getting old when you want to spend money on things for your home + not clothes.

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