project console

Not the greatest photo but this is more or less what my current living room setup looks like. Overall, things are coming together pretty nicely at the homestead + I just renewed my lease through May 2015. 

One area I've kind of ignored but want to improve is styling that console behind my sofa. What I didn't capture very well in this photo is that my ceilings are huge so there is a lot of wall back there. I'm ready to swap out the art + that mirror is pretty "meh."

I've got grand plans though! It turns out a few items that I've been eyeing for a while now would all look perfect back there. This is what I have in mind:

1. West Elm just launched the Summer (!) line. There's some good stuff in there but I'm particularly eyeing these Oversized Apothecary Bottles.

2. I know weavings are the new "it" design trend but they're gorgeous + I love them + I need one for my own. Plus they really do tie in pretty perfectly with my aesthetic. I put out a custom request to All Roads Market + am anxious to hear back. 

3. I'm ready for an art swap + I find this Rorschach inspired print to be really unique + interesting. Plus it's affordable.

4. I've been on this fence on this West Elm Kudu lamp for a while now but now that I've seen it in person + have a specific need for it I must have it. I'm waiting for their next lighting sale before I make the purchase.

5. I love skulls + think this one would be perfect for this project.

6. My current mirror is so boring but I like the idea of having a big mirror back there to reflect the sunlight from my big windows. The Abate Slated Mirror from Anthropologie is huge, unique, + not nearly as expensive as I would have expected from Anthropologie. This will probably be one of my last purchases so hopefully it doesn't sell out.

I'm super excited about this project. It will be a few months before I can buy everything + pull all of the pieces together but I think it will look very nice + feels very me.

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