i was there || kraftwerk

Show: Kraftwerk

Location: The Riviera

Date: 3.27.14

Favorite Song: "Radioactivity" has to be the prettiest. Cliche, but the prettiest.

Memorable Moment: I'm not going to pretend like I'm the worlds biggest Kraftwerk fan. I like their music but more than anything they are pioneers + that in itself was enough reason for me to see them live. I'm glad I did. It's crazy to think about those sounds being around forty years ago. I also like how they took something older + updated it today with the 3D visuals. I'm not really into 3D but even without the glasses it was cool.

Biggest Letdown: For some reason I convinced myself that this show was at The Aragon + not The Riviera. Big mistake. I really like The Riviera but you have to get there early-ish in order to have a decent view. Especially for such a visual show like this. I was stuck in the way back by the bar. I think it was the first time I've ever appreciated people recording a show on their phones because it actually gave me a decent view of the stage. I will never say those words again though.

This Show: Was like a glimpse to my future -- me being the weirdo old chick at a concert. Except this show was all weirdo old people. I was actually the weirdo for being younger. I thought it was cool though. I'm sure I'll eventually slow it down with the concert going but I do like to think there will be artists I must see throughout my life. Every one loves a bit of nostalgia.

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