i was there || christian martin

Show: Christian Martin

Location: Primary

Date: 5.31.14

Memorable Moment: Everyone (but me, sadly) seemed to still be riding the high from DEMF weekend. It was one of those nights where the attitudes, the music + the vibes all just felt right. I'm growing to like Primary more + more each time I go there. And that sound system..

Biggest Letdown: It's worth noting that earlier in the night I went to Smart Bar to check out Marcellus Pittman. I enjoyed myself but I don't think I've ever seen Smart Bar that empty. It does hurt the vibe a bit when the crowd is small. I even got approached by an out-of-towner looking for another good option for the night so I wasn't alone here.

This Show: was a reminder exactly why I don't turn down concerts, even if I'm not super familiar with the artists. I've said this a million times but I've never regretted a night of live music in a dark club. Never.

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