i was there || poliça

Show: Poliça

Location: Lincoln Hall

Date: 6.6.14

Favorite Song: I got a bit ridiculous during the encore of "You Don't Own Me." You can't really blame me. It's a classic + feels highly relevant to my life right now.

Memorable Moment: I wasn't really a fan of Lolawolf, the opener, but I did love lead singer Zoe Kravitz's voice. Real shocker there, right? Hard to believe that the daughter of Lenny Kravitz has a good voice. I just wish she just owned it a bit more. She should probably ditch her band too.

Biggest Letdown: You know you've reached music snob status when you see a good performance, in a great venue + all of your friends are like "THAT SHOW WAS AWESOME!!!" + you feel pretty meh. It was good, but personally I thought their Metro show was better. As is typically the case for bands I've seen multiple times. Unless I saw a band for the first time in a festival or shitty environment I really should try to wait a while before seeing them again. Lesson learned.

This Show: was good. I still very much love Poliça, I'm just going to be anxious for their next album instead of their next live show.

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