i was there || disclosure (dj set)

Show: Disclosure (DJ set)
Derrick Carter
George Fitzgerald

Location: The Mid

Date: 6.11.14

Favorite Song: As long as I hear "When a fire starts to burn..." in a club setting I will be happy. Few other songs get can a crowd that amped up.

Memorable Moment: Not totally surprising because this guy is a fucking legend but I actually think I enjoyed Derrick Carter's set the most. Sometimes music just speaks to you + he was playing exactly what I needed to hear.

Biggest Letdown: I just recently read an article that mentions an interview Disclosure did where they claim to dislike playing in clubs. Essentially they dislike it because the crowds are always drunk + obnoxious. Welp, I'm guilty of that for this show. I was a happy + fun obnoxious drunk at least so personally I see no harm done.

This Show: was the best I've seen The Mid in a while. Granted, I don't go to The Mid very often any more + the last time I was there was the Disclosure + SBTRKT Lollapalooza after show last August. Still though, I kind of loved this place for this show. I'll chalk it up to being on a Wednesday night but it wasn't over-croweded, most of the people weren't obnoxious (except probably me) + you had a good view of the performers. I've always loved that set up there it's just amazing how different it feels there when you can easily get to the bar, go to the restroom + dance around without slamming into people.

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