i was there || disclosure

Show: Disclosure + Friends

Location: Lincoln Park Zoo

Date: 6.11.14

Favorite Song: I still find myself loving "Grab Her" in live settings. "Help Me Lose My Mind" often seems to make it's way into the end of their sets which is a nice cool down for the night.

Memorable Moment: The Zoo did make for a pretty great setting. I was a little worried that they would be obnoxious with rules but in my opinion the night seemed to go off pretty well. It was crowded + beer lines were a mess but I personally didn't see any one get too out of control which was nice. I was also a big fan of the people in costume too.

Biggest Letdown: I hated the scheduling. Logistically it made no sense to have the one hip hop dude (named Joey Bada$$, mind you) playing before the main act. From a flow standpoint having George Fitzgerald or even Green Velvet would have worked much better. I missed both of their sets because I didn't want to get their early + then waste an hour seeing Mr. Bada$$. Would have loved to see George Fitzgerald play but luckily I got a second chance later at The Mid.

This Show: Mother Nature seemed to be threatening us prior to show time but it ended up being a beautiful night in a cool setting. I've now seen these guys a handful of times + both their live sets + dj sets are pretty spot on. They know how to get a crowd going.

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