i was there || oneohtrix point never

Show: Oneohtrix Point Never
Spektral Quartet

Location: Jay Pritzker Pavilion

Date: 6.26.14

Memorable Moment: It was a pretty perfect night to be at Millennium Park. It was comfortably cool with some crazy fog as you can see in the photo above. Oneohtrix Point Never made for a pretty great (free) concert + his visuals were exceptional.

Biggest Letdown: I had a great time regardless but this was one of those shows where I wished I had partaken in some recreational activities prior. Both the music + the visuals were that perfect level of weird, I just wish I was a little more weird. The rosé  helped though.

This Show: I haven't been the greatest at taking advantage of these free shows at Millennium Park but I'm glad I made it to this one. I had seen Oneohtrix Point Never briefly at Pitchfork 2012 but it was probably less my cup of tea then than it is now. The only reason I probably remember that is because I kept thinking "What the fuck is this name?" This show was memorable though + I very much enjoyed myself in an absolutely perfect setting.

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