i was there || arcade fire

Show: Arcade Fire

Location: United Center

Date: 8.27.14

Favorite Song: In terms of new songs I was surprisingly happy to hear "Intervention". Historically it hasn't been one of my favorite songs but it translated surprisingly well live. Blame it on the Catholic school girl in me but it felt good "going to church" that night.  

Memorable Moment: I kind of wandered around the floor this night but I started off ridiculously close to the stage. Like when Win tossed his water bottle on the crowd I got wet. Read into that what you will...

Biggest Letdown: After the show on Tuesday I was in total awe + wanted more. Arcade Fire have so many more great songs that I still needed to hear so I grabbed floor tickets for the next night impulsively. I can only blame myself for this because I should have peeped their previous setlists but they ended up playing almost all of the same songs. It was mixed up a little but I didn't hear some of my favorites ("Porno") that I was hoping to hear.

This Show: Was very much similar to night one but also very different. For starters, I went to this show solo which is always a different experience. I was less aware of what was going on around me + more aware of the instruments which is always pretty inspiring (I secretly love eyeing the bass players + listening for their contributions). I think at the most there were 13 or 14 people on stage so there was plenty to see + plenty that had to work together. For example (I wish I could remember the song but I can't) the violinist was just going nuts at one point + you would never have known it was a violin making that noise from just the album alone. That's exactly why live shows get to me.

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