ratatat || nightclub amnesia

I'll 100% admit that I had to turn to Pitchfork's Magnifique review before I could ever fully process my feelings for this album myself. I don't always agree with Pitchfork but I think they hit the nail on the head with this album review.

I have to preface that I do really like the album. It sounds like RATATAT which is a great start. I think "Cream On Chrome" was a perfect first single from the album which got me excited for the final release. Where it falls short for me in terms of progress. Most of the songs sound just like something I might have heard on one of their older albums. Which again, isn't a bad thing, it's just not something I'm going to get overly excited for. Our as Pitchfork cites, "nothing leaves an impression." I will have this album on rotation for sure, but I think it will primarily be passive listening.

The two standouts for me (at least initially) are "Nighclub Amnesia" +  "Cream On Chrome." I'm still really looking forward to their 9.8 show at The Riv. If you've never seen them before you are in for a treat. Tickets are still available HERE.

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