i was there || spoon

Show: Spoon

Location: Petrillo Music Shell

Date: 7.11.15

Favorite Song: "Inside Out" followed directly by "I Turn My Camera On" was one of the better ten or so minutes I have had in a while.

Memorable Moment: I am a bit surprised I have never seen Spoon. While Taste of Chicago wasn't the most ideal circumstances it was good to check such an iconic band off my list.

Biggest Letdown: I wish I had done a better job of explaining to people that I was going to a Spoon concert + not to the Taste of Chicago for a Spoon concert. There is a big difference between the two + it comes in the form of severe judgement.

This Show: made me feel very grown up when I thought back to how I first learned about Spoon. I first discovered Spoon on the Music From The O.C. Mix 1 like many other sixteen-year-olds at the time. "The Way We Get By" was the anthem during my first adventures in driving, now here I was 12 years later enjoying the more emotionally driven songs. Times they do change.

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