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Show: My Morning Jacket

Location: Chicago Theater

Date: 6.9.15

Favorite Song: I had two favorites. One new + one old. "Like A River" was new + melodic while "Heart Breakin Man" brought back a wave of nostalgia. It is crazy that these songs were made 15 years apart. There has definitely be a growth/progression to their sounds.

Memorable Moment: Few things excite me more than Jim James' sense of fashion. Pair that beautiful silk kimono jacket with his luscious curly mane + a guitar + you've got yourself a bonafide sex symbol (or rockstar at the very least).

Biggest Letdown: I was sick as a dog the night of this show + it took everything in me to make it out. I did + I'm glad I went but I couldn't bring myself to stay for the entire set. Unfortunately I seemed to have left just before MMJ starting warming up with the old classics. I mostly heard the new songs, which are fine, but I prefer 2000-2005 MMJ more than 2015 MMJ.

This Show: My Morning Jacket is just one of those bands that I'm always going to love seeing live. Seeing them live at the Chicago Theater is something special too. I was only able to make it to night 1 of 3 but that just makes me want to step up my MMJ game even more the next time they make it through this lovely city.

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