My dreams came true!
Remember how I keep talking about having my own place again? Well it looks like I'm going to get it sooner than expected. Yesterday my roomie talked to me about how he was hoping his girlfriend could move in when her lease is up at the end of July OR in 30 days from when I find a place. I think a June 1st move in date in probably most feasible, but you better bet that I'm going to be stalking Craigslist like crazy in the upcoming weeks.

My dream is to find a one bedroom near Damen, Milwaukee, & North, so if anyone knows of any tips, I would love the advice. I know that finding a one bedroom is Bucktown isn't an easy task, but I just know that I'll find some place great. I've even started a pinboard to remind me of the places I find (yet another reason why I love Pinterest).

I'll be sure to keep you all up-to-date on the progress. I can't wait to share my findings & (fingers crossed) good news! Yay for change!

(photo of my Missoni for Target pouf)

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