i was there : modeselektor

photo via Cream Team

Show: Modeselektor

Location: Metro

Date: 4.21.12

Favorite Song: "Berlin" is a great song & it definitely got the crowd moving.

Memorable Moment: Maybe it was their wonderful German accents, but Gernot & Sebastian just seemed to be having so much fun on stage. They wanted to hear the crowd make noise, & when we did you could just see them get more into it. I love that kind of energy.

Biggest Letdown: That Thom Yorke didn't make an appearance like he did at Coachella. I also really wanted to hear "Green Light Go." It's been my favorite Modeselektor song as of late, but sadly it didn't make the cut last Saturday.

This Show: was as unique as I thought it would be. Everything about their show seemed effortless (in a good way). They didn't need a big flashy stage to impress people, the music spoke for itself. I'm really happy that they made it over to the US.

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