Confession time. My apartment progress is kind of at a standstill. I was doing so well & was full of fantastic ideas, but there's only so much time & money that I can invest. Factor in that it's Summer in Chicago & it's amazing that I have gotten anything done at all. Fingers crossed, I'll make it out to Ikea on Monday to pull a few more things together, but amazingly enough, the areas I'm struggling the most with are my bedroom & my bathroom.

I feel a little less daunted by the bathroom, mostly because I don't have much to work with. At this point, it's really just locking in a color scheme. I'd also love to get some fun artwork & say bye-bye to my mishmash bath towels. I did have a bit a breakthrough though when came across these two bath mat options:
One side of me is just a firm believer that the bathroom should be ├╝ber-girly, while the other side would love a very blue & white Grecian bath. I'll make a decision one of these days.

As for the bedroom, I am really at a loss. My room is such a blank canvas right now, so I feel a bit overwhelmed with all of the potential options. Instead of making a decision, I just pin & pin & pin. For a while I thought this beauty from Anthropologie would be the one, but not I'm feeling more & more unsure of things.
I guess things aren't so awful though. I have towels to dry myself off with & I although my dye-job isn't perfect, I have bedding that looks acceptable together. But I am a woman with dreams of interior perfection. I am also a woman that is trying to be fiscally smart through the end of 2012. Maybe that's the solution? Let this all digest a few months longer & maybe the solution will just present itself. Until then, I'll try to keep the sneak peeks & projects coming.


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