i was there : benoit + sergio

Show: Benoit + Sergio

Location: Smart Bar

Date: 12.28.12

Favorite Song: "Everybody" was my unanticipated favorite of the night. Of course I loved "Boy Trouble" too, but "Everybody" had such a good build for such a small venue. It's definitely one of those songs that needs to be heard live in order to fully appreciate it.

Memorable Moment: I can't really explain it, but knowing I'm about to see some amazing producers in Chicago's greatest venue leaves me a bit ecstatic inside. I walked out of this place at the end of the night vowing that one of my 2013 resolutions involved attending more shows at this place. Luckily their upcoming lineup shouldn't make that hard for me to accomplish.

Biggest Letdown: Not making the cut for coat check despite arriving at midnight. I completely forgot that that happens in Chicago + Smart Bar's coat check definitely looks like it's on the smaller side. I didn't want to risk losing my coat, so unfortunately, dancing was to a minimum.

This Show: It was about a year ago when I first became familiar with Benoit + Sergio when I heard "Walk + Talk" on Pete Tong's show. The song didn't totally win me over, but I took notice. Fast forward to the later part of 2012 + I've been completely obsessed with this duo. "What I've Lost""Boy Trouble" have become two of my absolute favorite songs + I just know that's there's still so much in store from them with great newer releases like "New Ships." I  hope they make their way back soon.

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