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I've talked about some of the big ticket items I still need to buy, but let's take a look at what I have in mind...

TV Stand
Ikea EXPEDIT Shelving | $59.99

My 60" television has arrived + it is massive (+perfect). You know you did a good job when your boyfriend invites himself over to watch the Bulls game. I'm glad I waited for the TV to arrive before buying a stand, because I definitely underestimated just how huge it would be. Right now, I'm eyeing this simple bookshelf from Ikea turned on it's side. Victoria from SFgirlbybay has made great use of hers, so I'm hoping I can do the same.

Dining Table
West Elm Tripod Table | $199.00

I struggle with this piece because I want to invest in a table that I can move to my next home (wherever that might be). Chicago apartments are pretty weird when it comes to dining spaces, so I don't really know what I'll get next. My space now demands a circular table, but what if that looks odd in my next apartment? I also think that long term I would prefer a rectangular table. Right now I'm leaning towards this option which is small + affordable. At least this one is small enough to fit my current needs, but also small enough to stick in a corner + fill with plants in my next home. 

Amazon has had some really great options that I'm just waiting to pull the trigger on. I'm hoping that the brownish hints in this piece will help me to tie in some more natural wood elements into the space. (More on that below).

Small Table
Crate+Barrel Marin Side Table | $349.00

I have an opening between my steps + built-in bookshelf where my floor length mirror used to be that I want to fill with a small table to hold a record player, speakers, + other little knick knacks.

Side Tables
Pottery Barn Tanner Nesting Tables | $229.00

This is a bit less of a priority, but I would like to upgrade to new side tables for my sofas. The one I have now is a cheap-o Ikea table that I stole from the creepy basement of my old apartment. It was sitting there for 2+ years collecting dust + had pieces missing, so I don't feel bad. Plus, I think it sells for about $30. I'm not sure what I'm leaning towards in terms of aesthetics, so this should be fun to shop for.

West Elm Degraw Bench | $299.00

Again, another low priority item, but I have some space behind my sofa that I'd like to occupy. I don't really know what I'm leaning towards specifically, but I'd like to have some more storage + the ability to decorate the top with a few items. Right now I have my long Ikea console, but that it too tall + looks awkward (plus it's starting to look ugly these days). I'm thinking along the lines of a new console, a fauxdenza, or a bench with storage baskets underneath. I'm actually leaning more towards the bench option just because this will be more of a sure fit for wherever I move next. I nixed an actual bookshelf for this space for that exact reason.

Bottom three items are tentative.

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