new year. new view.

When I was shopping for apartments last Summer I more or less liked the arrangement the former occupant of my apartment had. When it came time for me to move in, I went with the same layout. Note to self: Never take design advice from someone with anime posters on their walls.

In all honestly, things actually weren't too bad, plus the cable wire ran along the wall to make this layout the only real option for me. But me, being the weirdo I am, got it stuck in my head that there were better options. I tried a few changes, but basically landed on rerouting the cable wire (by some miracle, I got everything to work properly again) + rotating the furniture 90° because the length of the room is so much longer this way.

The amount of new space is insane + I've also solved a few more problems in the process. One being the dining area. I bought my two ghost chairs + decorative sheepskins a while back, but otherwise I haven't really touched my dining area. I need a table + a rug still, but I put those two off because the space was so weird before. Now it's so much more open + just makes more sense.

I also was able to extend my makeshift walk-in closet in the corner of my living room out a bit + I've moved my desk back in that area behind the Ikea screen I bought to hide the mess. This is down the road a bit, but I'm going to need more clothing storage options (I'm really ready to see these plastic drawers go) so I want to start getting some bedroom furniture pieces. My bedroom right now is too small for much furniture, but extending this closet area will allow me to keep a dresser back there until I move again into a decent sized bedroom.

I'm still not sure about this whole part, but I have about 2'5" between the back of my sectional + the back wall where I've moved my long Ikea console. I don't think I'll be keeping that thing much longer, but it works for now. This part of the room is kind of no man's land where I plan to get some boxes for more storage. It's all pretty hidden, unless you peak over my couch.

This change is going to be an on-going process though, because one of the big requirements for this setup to work is a much larger television (I just ordered a 60" big boy which comes on Monday). I also need a TV stand and would like to get a couple smaller side tables in addition to the dining table + rug. Once I have all of these pieces I feel like I can really concentrate on those little things to pull it all together. I'm thinking lots of plants, some new artwork, etc. I want to create cozy little areas, like the one above.

I'm going to make this happen, it just might take several months to get there. I am feeling really inspired though + I'm so excited to get to work on this project. I know that I've been promising to share photos for forever, but I'm such a perfectionist when it comes to my apartment that I want to make sure things are just right. Sadly, I just can't do that at the snap of a finger due to monetary restrictions, but I'm hoping to have things mostly complete by this Fall. I promise to share as many sneak peaks along the way as possible though.

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