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It's a little embarrassing how anxious I was for the arrival of SFGirlByBay's new home tour, but when it arrived on Monday I wasn't disappointed. As much as I love to pretend to be a design guru, I just don't understand furniture. How am I supposed to accumulate pieces over time + expect them all to go together? And how the hell do I choose colors? These are things that I (sadly) think about often + these are also things that Victoria has a superpower-like knack for.
Victoria has achieved this perfect Scandinavian style that I think I would quite literally (maybe) kill for. It shouldn't be too surprising that I am kind of in love with black + white, but more + more I'm loving the thought of some natural wood thrown in the mix as well. I think I have definitely retired the thought of having a super matchy-matchy home + I look forward to gathering the pieces until I have a more permanent home. I'm feeling very inspired.

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