This seems like a good year to give New Year resolutions a try. It is lucky number 13, right? In the past I've never really put much thought into these silly little things, but I guess I'm feeling a bit motivated this year.

1. Establish Routines
This one seems a bit lame, but one of my biggest issues with 2012 was that I never really felt settled. I moved twice. Belonged to 4 different gyms. Never really figured out which grocery store made the most sense to visit. Things got complicated to say the least.

While I like to think of myself as a bit spontaneous, there are a few things in life that I need to remain stable (like income, for one). I'm staying put in my current home for at last 18 more months. I committed to a full year membership at a gym that's 3 blocks away. I've decided that Sunday (or at least every other) is grocery store/cooking day in which I buy the food I need for the week(s) + cook enough food to allow for a few days worth of leftovers. I'm feeling better already.

2. Learn More

In 2011 I went to a workshop on terrariums. In 2012 I learned about the meaning of life. In 2013 I have lofty dreams of learning a bit more. A couple of things I hope to accomplish: (1) Improve my knife (+ all around) skills in the kitchen. Thankfully I got a gift certificate for Chopping Block for Christmas so this one seems feasible. (2) Take a class in Photoshop. I had once before, but I could use a refresher. (3) Work on my Spanish. Again, I learned a bit years ago, but would love to feel more confident when I go back to Costa Rica. (4) Take a salsa dancing class. This goes a bit back to number 3, but I think it would be really fun as well.

3. Cook
I mentioned my struggle with cooking a bit above, but my goal is to cook one decent meal a week. If it means having to rent a Zip Car to get to the grocer store, then I'll do it. I actually enjoy cooking, I've just been so out of practice for the last couple of years that I need to get my confidence back. Hopefully I can share some of my endeavors on this blog.

4. More Concerts, Fewer Repeats
Some of the best shows I attended in 2012 were the artists I didn't know a whole lot about or shows that were in smaller venues like Smart Bar or Lincoln Hall. I spent way too much time at the Congress Theater in my past seeing performances that I'd seen over + over again. This year I vow to really seek out great, unique shows + also maybe expand my group of music loving friends.

5. Get Smarter With My Money
I have a long (+ personal) post coming up in the next couple of months about some of my struggles with money over the past couple of years. I'm well on my way to better days but I'm hoping that 2013 will be the year I actually save a bit for myself. I stumbled upon this awesome 52 Week Money Challenge that I'm going to push myself to complete.

Essentially, there are 52 weeks in a year + you save the associated monetary amount for whatever week of the year it is. So, week one equals $1. Week 16 means stashing $16. By the end of 2013 you'll have $1,378 to show for it. I don't like the idea of having to save $202 in December when I'm shopping for presents + strapped for cash as is, so I'm going a bit out of order + highlighting my progress.

I'm curious to know what any of your resolutions are? Like I said, I haven't committed myself to New Year resolutions in quite some time, but I'm pretty confident I can pull all of these off to some extent.

A bit belated, but happy 2013!

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