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funny how the year before turning thirty i'm finally starting to care a little bit more about my skin. i feel like a total hypocrite writing this post because up until recently i really haven't done much to take care of my skin and i haven't tried a million different products. all i know that there are some beauty products i have been using recently that i really like:

milky jelly cleanser || glossier
there is something about the consistency of this cleanser that is just perfect. it does a stellar job at removing makeup but doesn't dry my skin out. this is crucial during these brutal winter months.

coconut oil || cocovit
i can thank my recent trip to colombia for this discovery. after returning home i was on a total coconut kick + decided to finally test out the wonders of coconut. i put a small layer of this stuff every time i get out of the shower or wash my face. i got to bed smelling like yummy coconuts + wake up with the softest face. you can also use this on your cuticles and as a hair mask but i haven't really tried that out yet.

instant comeback facial serum || benefit
i believe the team at benefit refers to this stuff as "liquid face lift." while i'm not sure i would go that far i do feel like this product does a good job of keeping my skin hydrated. i feel like i'm a teenager again when i add a small layer of this after the cocovit coconut oil.

rapid age spot + pigment lightening serum || murad
this product isn't in my every day or even weekly rotation any more but i have to give a head nod to it based on how well it did at removing sun spots from a vacation in cost rica. i thought i'd be stuck with polka dots on my face forever but after some consistent use they completely disappeared. totally worth the slightly more expensive price tag.

gypsy water hair perfume || byredo
i'm not much of a perfume girl so byredo's hair perfume is a nice alternative. i love the gypsy water scent + since it is sprayed on my hair as opposed to my skin directly it doesn't seem as overpowering as some perfumes.

lately i have been much more aware of all of the magic potions + products out there so there are certainly more i'd like to try out. i have been eyeing grown alchemist, la mer, aesop, + bali body products. i also really want to try out biologique's lotion p50. that stuff is supposed to be a miracle worker.

are there any others i should be trying? again, i'm no expert in this arena so would love to hear any recommendations.

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