moby || sunday (the day before my birthday)

In my lifetime there will be a handful of deaths that will feel truly unbelievable to me + David Bowie's passing is one of those. How can a man so larger than life be releasing an album one day + gone the next? As a read though the news this morning I knew that I had to pay my respects but how do I even begin to choose a song to say goodbye + thank you when the list to choose from is truly endless? "Rebel, Rebel," "Rock'N'Roll Suicide," "Heroes," "Life On Mars." I could never begin to pick just one.

Last week David Bowie was reintroduced into my life with Black Star but there was one other legend whose music popped backed into my music rotation thanks to Spotify radio. "Sunday (The Day Before My Birthday)" by Moby came on + it kind of stopped me in my tracks. It seemed familiar + I have likely heard it before but I guess I've just never really listened before now. It was beautiful.

Like so many other artists out there, Bowie was definite inspiration, collaborator, + friend to Moby. They wrote music + toured together so it seems appropriate to choose one of his songs as a memorial of sorts. Although Bowie left us incredibly too soon at least he left on a high note. I only regret never seeing him perform live. Rest in peace you fabulous angel.

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