read || 1.27.16

watch david bowie's unaired interview with '60 minutes' || cbs news
"searching for music is like searching for god -- they're very similar."  he also talks about music being a way to communicate with others despite any personal feelings of loneliness or isolation. david bowie sure does speak my language in these unaired clips. they're worth taking a peek at.

traveling with a golden retriever || fubiz
meet aspen. he's just about the luckiest pup in the world. aspen has been traveling the world with his owner, a photographer. this basically sums up all of my life's hopes + dreams.

my home intentions for 2016 (that might work for you, too)  || apartment therapy
"find the right balance between spending + saving" really hits the nail on the head for me. this is one of my number one goals going into 2016. additionally, i think this article finally convinced me to check out the life-changing magic of tidying up by marie kondo.

my biggest design regrets + what you can learn from them || emily henderson
once i finally balance spending + saving i'll for sure take emily's advice into consideration. dining room lighting, curtains, + accent walls are three items in the condo i want to eventually tackle + emily's design advice is always spot on

meet the most pampered vegetables in america || npr
interesting read on some of the most ivy-league veggies out there + how a family farm in ohio started dominating this market. this place is less of a farm + more of a scientific food lab as they work to develop the best produce for some of the top chefs in the world. they usually make to to their finally destination within 24 hours of coming out of the ground. really impressive work here.

body painted woman in the infinity split installation || fubiz
photographer alex markow turns the female body into a a beautiful work of art through the use of paint on both their bodies + the installation background. the result is something magical.

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